What should I do if I get hurt at work or develop a work-related illness?

The Law Offices of G. John Jansen provides the following answers to frequently asked questions about Workers’ Compensation.

The workers’ compensation system was constructed to grant security and peace of mind to workers that they would be compensated justly in the event they were hurt on the job.

Report the injury or medical condition to your employer. It is imperative to notify your employer about your condition as soon as possible so the administration can process your claim immediately. In the absence of your employer, you can report to your immediate supervisor or someone else in management. This helps avoid problems and delays in receiving benefits such as medical care. If your employer does not learn about your injury within 30 days, you might lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Get emergency treatment if needed. Your employer must make certain that you have access to treatment right away. Seek medical help and treatment only from authorized medical providers that take your company’s insurance.

Fill out a workers’ compensation claim form (DWC-1). This will be given to you by your employer once you report your injury or work-related illness.

Note that California is a no fault state, meaning employees are entitled to receive benefits regardless of who was at fault in the cause of the accident.


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