The Law Offices of G. John Jansen provides the following answers to frequently asked questions about Workers’ Compensation.

The workers’ compensation system was constructed to grant security and peace of mind to workers that they would be compensated justly in the event they were hurt on the job.

Do I have to pay for medical care?

You employer or its insurance carrier must pay for all authorized treatment necessary for a compensable injury.

Can I get any other financial assistance apart from workers’ compensation benefits?  

Other types of assistance may be available in the form of:

• State Disability Insurance (SDI) or unemployment insurance (UI) benefits paid by the state when workers’ compensation benefits are delayed or denied.

Social Security Disability Benefits for total disability

• Benefits offered by employers and unions. Examples: sick leave, group health insurance, long term disability insurance, salary continuation plans

A claim or lawsuit if your injury was caused by someone other than your employer


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